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Finish Your Plates

Providing Solutions to Your License Plate Restoration Needs

Contact Me

Trade Matching Sets of California Black Plates for Credit Towards a Restoration!!! Ask for Details.

To be brief on some of my approach to repair, I do any metal repair needed to the plate(s) after blasting them clean of rust. I straighten out the edges and can seal holes. I can also remove denting and even replace small/medium-sized pieces. Cracks and holes are repaired if present. The back of the plate(s) are refinished to new condition too. Surface prep is key for a smooth finish. The lettering is smooth, consistent and has an original look, no brush marks.

I do accept most state or country, metal embossed plates from 1903-1980. I have accurate information for correct colors on all states. Premium grade automotive paints carry out the job, not some cheap, rattle-can spray paint from your local hardware store.





The charge is $100 for a complete restoration of a single plate. This includes motorcycle plates too. The identical pairs are $195. These prices include light metalwork. Shipping is $10 in the U.S. for standard size plates. Larger plates are $23 for a set, $15 for one.

Extra holes/cracks and extensive pitting/denting costs extra but are not a problem to fix. Just ask for an estimate along with a good photo of the plate(s). 

Canadian orders add $30 to cover shipping (standard size plates).

I require a deposit of half-payment ($55 for one, $100 for two) upfront, the other half when finished, either via PayPal or check. Make checks payable to Brian Mabry. PayPal payments sent to [email protected]

Please email or call me with a description of what you have. You can do that by filling out the very brief form on the Contact Me page or call/text 423-716-8094 and we can get started. You can also email me directly at [email protected] or "Like" the Finish Your Plates page on Facebook and contact me there where I can be located often, displaying my current work.

I will always notify the buyer when the package arrives at my residence. I believe in good communication. I check my emails several times a day, seven days a week. Feel free to contact me anytime throughout the process.

I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.

Shipping Address

Brian Mabry

8207 Frontage Rd NW

Cleveland, TN 37312

Call:(423) 716-8094

Email: [email protected]


Sun - Sat: 8AM - 11PM EST

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